2018 – Day 6

We woke wondering what variety of fruit we would be cleaning off the walls today. However, it turned out to be the contents of James Bashford’s stomach that would need cleaning up. A true sign of everyone having had an enjoyable night out rehydrating in Paceville after a long day in the sun.

Tour guide Pedro appeared from the dungeon as everyone awoke for breakfast, uncharacteristically lethargic. It transpired that he had a busy night, spending the evening attempting to locate Benny Ballcock, carrying Mikey and assisting with Bash’s personal care.

Following the completion of his 9000th Cisk of the week Ballcock had simply stumbled off and made his way home.

Mikey was experiencing a sudden swelling to his ankle and an associated red-hot rash. Unable to walk and concerned he may have contracted a rare variety of Ciskitus from an international student, Mikey had to be assisted home.








Bash is reported to have not reacted well to his rehydration choice of Tequila Rose, washed down with a daily dose of Cisk. Resulting in projectile vomiting all over the taxi, the villa and himself. After previous concerns over his standards of personal hygiene Pedro did not expect to be tending his personal care, as now semi-conscious, Bash was showered, changed and put to bed.

After such a big night, it was impressive to see 16 of 19 lads in the taxi and with substitute leader Sammy at the helm we were ready to set off for the planned Kayaking trip around Gozo island, this included Bash! However impressive this level of commitment to the itinerary was, he was soon regretting such a bold move.

The roads in Malta do have signs and markings similar to the UK, the subtle difference being that the Maltese people totally ignore them, beeping there horn as they go in the hope that this will prevent a high-speed collision.

Today of all days we had randomly selected Malta’s answer to Michael Schumacher and after braking, the only electric sliding door on a 25 year old taxi in the world, we were off. Within 5 minutes Bash had his head out of the window desperately trying to avoid pedestrians as his Cickitus became more sever.

Back at the ranch Dr Pedro had administered Mikey 10mg’s of antihistamine, from mother Meds’s first aid box, to no effect so they were off to the hospital.








Having completed the 1 hour journey to the ferry port in 35 minutes plenty of time was left to enjoy a coffee and some breakfast.








The ferry journey was half an hour and we were met at the other side by a taxi, luckily Michael Schumacher had stayed in Malta and this guy was much easier on the stomach. This didn’t stop Bash from chucking up in a paper bag on route.













We were met by Chris from Kayak Gozo, a super friendly bloke who was a retired school teacher and professional kayaker. The perfect person to tame the rabble and in no time, we were in the water.













Chris took us on a tour that took us across some open water and then went through a number of caves. During which, Bash became the second person Chris has seen, in 6 years of Kayaking trips, to fall asleep in a moving kayak.















We then stopping off at a beach where we scrambled across rocks and through a cave to a cavern. We were then able to jump in off the rocks and snorkel in the pristine, clear waters.








After some snacks and water that were provided we headed back. In the time we had been on the rocks the water had become choppy and the return leg was more challenging. However, we all made it back to shore in one piece having thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

Once back at the Villa Chef Joseph was back and cooking up two different dishes. Beef Curry for half and Stuffed Chicken for the other half. This was again cooked to a tremendous standard.

With Ciskitius at epidemic levels within camp any plans of a night out have been scrapped in favor of watching the Liverpool v City champions league game before bed.

Tomorrow is our last day and we have a T20 game against Pocklington School, similar to Harrow they are a private boarding school for 13-18 year olds so a good standard is expected.


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